Universal Nursery School aims to be an institution that empowers each child with a sound foundation of knowledge, values, and life skills. An innovative, contemporary and skill-based education that meets global standards is the hallmark of the school. We endeavour to craft socially conscious and responsible individuals who like to serve the society.

We create a stimulating environment where we try to recognize every child's talent and potential and equip them with opportunity and character to nurture their unique ability.

The school aims at nurturing individuals with paramount values and multivalent competencies. This task is accomplished by virtue of a dynamic curriculum that envisions not only academic excellence but effective skills and the art of living. A comprehensive education system coupled with a passion for sincerity, dedication and excellence drives us towards creating global leaders who will take on the mantle of tomorrow.

The students are given every opportunity through the learning activities woven in their curriculum, to learn and explore the world around them. We try to build up a Scientific Mind by encouraging the students to ask questions.

The growth and development of the child can be maximized only if there is a Healthy collaboration between the School and the Parents, as the dictum goes that " A parent is the first teacher and a teacher is the second parent " we endeavour to develop a more persistent and continual mechanism to obtain parent's response.