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Ms. Maya Gupta
Founder Director Principal

Education is essentially the process of transformation of an individual to enhance the ability to meet the expected or unexpected situations of life. It is the continuous process of learning. Learning indeed is understanding of new things in a billion ways. Yet to do the things in the best possible way.
According to U.N., there are four pillars of education- learning to know, learning to do, learning to live together and learning to be. Being the founder of an educational institution we are committed to the development of a child as a whole with the emphasis on life skills along with the academics.
Each child needs knowledge as well as wisdom. Knowledge comes from books and wisdom originates from inside. Action also is very important as it helps in development of wisdom.
When both the roots are strong then education gives the complete concept of education. For true education, the existence of deep desire, determination, parents and students participation is a must.
Our vision is to sow the seed of the above mentioned true education in developing young children. With our deep desire, determination, sincere efforts we are confident that we will be able to create and provide such opportunity in UNIVERSAL PUBLIC SCHOOL, functioning under the guidance of UES.

Four levels in our life

Education helps a person achieve the goals of handsome earnings, various comforts of life, peace by sticking to the right path.
One desires pleasure, satisfaction. The family expects cooperation in accordance with his capacity and needs. The most important need of the family is love and affection in addition to the need for interation and contacts.
The aim of the educated person should be to work for the welfare and growth of the society.
A well educated person performs his duties in a perfect manner through his truthfullness and hardwork and therby contribute towards the growth of self and the nation as a whole.

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